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Off Limits: Playtester Requests

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We are working on some final weapon issues at the moment, but we would like to get some more internal dedicated playtesters on board. A few dozen would do the trick, people who are not only going to play the game, but also stress it and find bugs (in code and mapping) and post them with screenshot on our forums to fix. We usually playtest on Sundays around 7pm UK time. Here are some shots of todays playtest (only 4 people played, which is why we need more in the near future).




Those who have the time and dedication can go to our forums and post their info in this thread:



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well since my comp is kinda not fit for hl2 stuff atm i cant playtest. but i can point out the shadow of the man in the first picture.. :) dont think shadows are supose to be shown under a solid truck :) guess it relate to mapping, or coding, depend on how you've done it :).

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