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Pictures from the Alps


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Thanks guys,

The Alps were a really nice environment for two reasons. One, no matter where you point you're camera you always get a nice landscape in your view. Two, all that snow casts lotsa light so you basically get to use as high f-stops as you want. I actually ran into problems when trying to get some portraits of people with low f-stops because my camera min shutter speed is 1/2000.

In mu opinion best times for landscape photography are sunrises/sets. Tho you'll need to carry a tripod around. Usually it's worth taking a trip further your own neighbourhood. Atleast I find nothing to photograph here, not even reference photos for texturing.

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Really nice shots and credit where it is due! One thing i love about photographing nature is that in actual fact you dont need to do an awful lot to get a great photograph.

I am however very impressed with the scale in these images, something you rarely see, although im sure you'll feel the environment felt a hell of a lot bigger in real life.

Which camera did you use?


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