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3.93 GByte photos of France [torrent] [RE-SEED]


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i think you all know that i am making a lot of photos at all places i come to. for example i used a couple of photos for my biggest map de_corse.

because i can't use all of my photos in a project, i am releasing the "france"-part of my 18.8GByte collection. if seeding and sharing works fine i would probably release more photos such as my "freiburg" or "plants" parts.

please take the following in mind while downloading and using my photos:

1.All photos you downloaded are not for commercial usage!

2. If you want to use any of these photos for a commercial project contact me via email and we can discuss things out. (badman@gmx.li)

3. If you want to use any of these photos in a free uncommercial project then you can do it. This includes game mods that are not reselled as retail version or don't make profit in any other way.

4. Nobody is allowed to redistribute these photos in any other way (new torrent/dvd/download or any other way of distribution).

5. Though if you want to copy it onto any other computer to save download time you should include this readme file!

If you have any questions about the legal terms write me an email (badman@gmx.li)

to show you a few samples of what you can expect from this big download i uploaded a few photos to my website:




Most of the photos are RAW files. You need at last ACDSee 8 (maybe 7 too) or Photoshop CS 1 or any other program supporting the Canon EOS 300D Raw format.

Because i am seeding with my private bandwidth i can't seed with more than 100kbyte/s so i would be happy if you could spend some of your bandwidth even after you finished downloading. i will try to keep this tracker up running as long as possible. there might be a few interruptions but as long as you are connected to my seeding computer the tracker shouldn't matter. decentralized tracking is activated!

Now enjoy this collection of photos.

download torrent file

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