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DE_Museum coming to Source!


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Hi there,

I'm finally rebuilding an all-new version of my CS map "de_museum" for CS:Source. Check out screens and info on my blog: http://www.prehistoricplanet.com/3d

The main skeletons, the T. rex and Brachiosaurus, are finished. These are the bomb targets. And yes, the bones go flying when they explode.

Note that the T. rex pics are just for the model--the room is not finished or textured.

BTW, amazing maps on this site. I've got a big ego, but I gotta say seeing some of your stuff humbles me up real quick.

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The original of this map was one of the first custom maps I played and thus one of the maps that inspired me to become a mapper. I used to ghost around the CS mapping forums and remember downloading it and being wowed. A Source version is excellent news. Looks like a great start :D

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first screenshot looks promising. the second one is too blocky, boring texture, monotone lighting etc.

I swear this must be why valve uses orange textures...so people KNOW when a level is not textured. I'd use the orange nasty but it's hard for me to visualize the space when it's so far from the base tones I'm gonna use. And I suppose even then people would say "boring textures...I don't like the orange!" lol

Again...the brach room is about 80% done so gives you an idea of what the map will look like. The T. rex not at all. Just wanted you to see that model. Check out my site for more screens.


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