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extremely old screenshots from my first level design days...


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One of the few shots i found from my first map. DE_Decrepit.





Anyone remember the opera mod for hl? Haha I thought it was the coolest thing ever if only it wasn't so buggy. These are a few shots of one area of a hospital level.




Look familiar? It should. I recreated my favorite Quake DM level, but for some reason when I took these shots I had it loaded up in Opera? Either way it was BA

I found tons of .RMF files and original textures of later projects I did, but not too many screen shots or compiled maps. If I get ambitious later I'll install WC and check them out. IF I CAN REMEMBER HOW I had all these wacky compiling scripts set-up I might even compile them. I swear I had more brain cells 4 or 5 years ago.

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