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My name's Joe I used to be a part of the mapcore community on irc years and years ago. I used the name SuperSlacker then. I recognize some names on here going way back to the OG days haha. I actually coded a version of the Mapwars site back then too. I don't remember if we ever used it or not. I'm trying to look through some of my old back-up CDs to find it, because I believe it was almost fully functional with several stages throughout a contest and complete with file uploading and downloading.

So what brings me here is my friend asked me about a Counter-Strike map I made, and if I remember right it was the first full map I ever created. He recently decided to set-up a CS server and wanted some of my old stuff. Almost forgetting I had ever even touched level design I searched my archive hard drives and found a lot of my files, screen shots, compile tools, etc. As I look through it all I'm amazed at some of the things I did in High School. It feels as though it's the work of someone else. I found a TON of our maps from early Mapwars contests and others we played for fun in good ol' #mapcore.

This leaves me wondering if anyone else has some old relics laying around? Especially de_decrepit by SuperSlacker if they happen to have it haha.

P.S. - It looks like everyone else has made leaps and bounds from where they were years ago so congrats on all of your achievements!

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so to follow up here are some old pics I found from back in the day...

Something Zaphod did for tarky and cannibalcorpse way back when.


This is a partial picture of a map done by Gamer55 before he claimed his death


A Desert Crisis Mock up ad done by spongerocker who user to hang in mapcore long ago


Mikezilla eating a popcicle


One of the few maps that I can say I ever worked on outside HL and unreal. This was a Dungeon Siege map... and those of you who did any mapping for this game know what a pain in the ass it was.


An image of the wonderful mapcore IRC channel back in 2001. From the looks of it, FP an old member was being kicked by gamer55. Of course FP would later be outed by most of mapcore for coping textures which of course we do not approve of :( .


Some texture by Engi


The wonders of Telnets back in the day...


Who knows... Made by gamer55


hmmm... I wonder


I have a bunch more... and a lot of saved chats WOW a lot of them... some interesting conversation back in the day of the core. Some of the more interesting files I found were copies of ass_bullets, which was a map done by mojo back in the day. the rmf file for eggfart or what would become de_crystal. dm_nostalgia which was made by superslacker :) and a bunch of random maps made by various people in the community. It was an interesting tid bit I will say to go back and look at some of this stuff.

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