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El Moroes

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lol I know it's not really good for the gameplay, yes the snipers will be not happy with that atmosphere but I thing for the other class it's not a big problem...If I remove the fog in my map It would become a basic map...like the others and I don't want that!

It's hard to do a choice between gameplay and atmosphere...

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for css, and especially a de_ map, the fog is way too close ;D

Atmosphere is nice but the gameplay will suffer imho.

I dunno, I think if the map was designed with the fog in mind it could play fine, albeit a bit different than your average cs map.

I like it moroes, but I think it could use a bit more polish as ferret said. Things still look a little undetailed and basic in certain places. I did a quick run through and spotted a few things.


From the CT spawn, this terrain edge allows you to get into an area I don't think you intended to be reachable.


and from there you can get down here :oops:


The edges in this shot look a bit strange, maybe just straighten them up or carry the metal trim up along the top as well...


and certain areas like this one just seem to lack the same amount of detail that's present in the rest of the map.

Otherwise, I really dig it, good stuff. :-D

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:arrow: like james, i like this fog idea, but when i was testing this map, i did now who is shoting and from where... maybe U can add some rain and clouds, and tweak fog settings to give us better view? the fog is way to fat, like dodger said. the geometry looks good imho, i like cables, thers lot of them.

maybe after some longer playtesting i'll post something more.

please, tweak this fog :idea:

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Nice map so far :) It is quite different to most CS maps.

The problem with the fog in Source is that when you look to the left or the right of the crosshair, objects that were previously invisible when viewed head on, can become visible. So it is possible to be able to see someone if they are either side of you, but not if they are directly in front.

If the fogging distance was increased, I don't think the problem would be so obvious. Being shot by someone, and you can't see where they are, especially from such a close range might frustrate some players.

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