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Resident Evil 4 has finally come to PC...


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Oh my god, no dynamic lighting????

My faith in humanity is shattered.

Seriously, that's the game. The hud they could have beefed up, sure, and I will go on a limb and say that the control setup screen is a bit ass, but the rest looks fine to me.... still better looking than some titles in the PC sector. Solid and consistent art direction will generally trump flashy features.

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I really don't know what it is, bu this game looked better on my Gamecube than on PC :(

The controlscheme looks shitty too, however i do understand why they chose it, if you could use the mouse (and maybe strafe too) the game would be too fast and too easy. it worked quite well on gamecube and ps2 but i don't think it will work on pc...

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IMO still one of the best looking games around (GC version that is), and its like 2 years old. It's a fucking disgrace what they did to that PC port :G

But it is one of the best games made, so I guess its okay to play the PC port if you're cheap enough not to buy a Wii or GC (PS2 port should be okay too I guess) :G

/me hides

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