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Favourite SNES moments!


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Well, I looked around my home today to find a dusty old SNES in my closet. I started playing a bit and have really had quite a lot of fun. so I decided to log onto mapcore and see what you folks think about SNES games.

Anyway, the questios are: What was your most memorable gaming experience on the SNES? What was/is your favourite SNES game? Boxers, or briefs?

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Mega Drive hm...none of my friends had a megadrive, I did have an SNES my own though. I got it for one of my birthdays (I dont remember exactly which) with "Super Soccer". That was quickly followed by Street Fighter II Turbo.

That is really a long time ago, I don't even quite remember all the games I had. I just know tht I sold all of it for a ridiculously low price at a local free market :(

From the top of my head I remember having Battletoads (how stupid was that level where you had to ride through a brain or something, I remember that being extremely hard), Secret of Mana (also pretty hard or I just sucked at games back then), Dark Water (that was an AWESOME coop game!), Mega Man X (good fun), Super Mario Kart of course, a friend of mine had Turtles lost in time which was great too (just like the NES Turtles games). Other than that I feel like the N64 totally erased my memories of the SNES which is a pitty, it was a great system.

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The SNES is so deeply embedded into my childhood that many of my fond, nostalgic memories involve it. Going round to friends' houses for Donkey Kong Country (and its two sequels in later years), working through Super Mario World with other people, etc. Great times -- much better than if I'd just played them alone at home.

There's nothing specific I can really say beyond that the SNES was awesome, it had awesome games, and I loved it. :cool:

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