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BattleGrounds2 1.0b Media


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BattleGrounds2 is getting ready to release its first BETA, to mark the occasion we have put together a media release for all our fans and potential players. Many thanks to Forlorn Hope for creating a gameplay trailer featuring footage taken from some of our testing sessions, the trailer is a little under 3minutes long and weighs in at 77mb. Download mirrors below.

Mirror Courtesy of filefront.com

MirrorCourtesy of kwigibo.co.uk

Mirror Courtesy of slashbunny.com

The mapping team has also been very busy of late, we have 6 new maps that will be featured in our upcoming release, foothills, maricopa, mvalley, snowlake2, kingsmountain & pillage. These new maps provide a great deal of diverse gameplay, we have focused on making the game more exciting by creating maps where the gameplay varies drastically from map to map. Screenshots of these maps can be found below.

bg_foothills_sm.jpg bg_pillage_sm.jpg

bg_maricopa_sm.jpg bg_mvalley_sm.jpg

bg_kingsmountain_sm.jpg bg_snowlake2_sm.jpg

We have updated a couple of our player models, introducing the American Frontiersman & the British Jager.

jager_sm.jpg frontiersman_sm.jpg

We are very pleased with the work what we have accomplished since 0.17, BG2 1.0b is currently in the final stages of testing, if all goes well we will be releasing this coming Saturday the 4th of February. The team would like to thank all our fans and everyone who has been a part of BattleGrounds to date, we hope to see you on the battlefield this Saturday. Don't forget to check bgmod.com for more information on the upcoming release.

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Downloading now.. Looking at the image took a while (slow server?).

Im looking forward to the beta, hope for your sake that its more stable than the current version *shudders*.

Also, you might want to reconsider the map theme you got going there with pure large prop-filled-displacement areas.

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