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Hour of Victory Announced!


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Ya I saw the trailer back at gametrailers.

Since I'am a fan of COD this was great news------

(looked even better then COD imo) but I'm alittle tired of WW2 games. Why not do a new BLACK or a game with city/office enviroments, its funnier then walking in the desert)

....Back to the game, The name is kinda cheesy and the trailer with the "ONE MAN, ONE DESTINY..." crap, but that hasen't anything to do with the game

Oh well I haven´t got mutch to say since I dont know anything about the game...good luck with it Lee, looks sweet and im a potentional buyer.

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Congrattttttttts =)

but why is every WW2 game named after the same schema?

Day of Defeat

Hour of Victory

Medal of Honour

Men of Valor

Call of Duty

only BiA didnt follow the "something" "something" routine...

i was point this out. :( thief of unpointed out things! ~

company of heroes.

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