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Nintendo 64 multiplayer games

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Hi there,

Next thursday I'll be getting myself a Nintendo 64. I'm a student with next to no money but it's just that I want something in my room I can have fun with, with my friends. It's not for the singleplayer I'm insterested in, I just want to have a nice time sitting on the couch with friends playing multiplayergames, drinking beers, talking woman.. ;)

My question to you guys is:

Did any of you ever owned a N64 or still owns one and would you have any advice on wich multiplayer games are most fun to play with friends? The games don't have to be very serious or beautiful, they just have to be fun to play!

I guess that's it. I know this question might be a little 'of shore' but why not try, right? :)


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Goldeneye, Beetle Adventure Racing (....seriously), F-Zero 64, Mario Kart 64.

Also, buy Blast Corps if you can find it. Its not multiplayer, but thats irrelevant. Its pure god damn awesomeness and utterly unique. As a fan of games, you deserve to play it.

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Diddy Kong Racing

Mario Kart 64

Super Smash Bros

Mario Tennis

F Zero


Perfect Dark

Blast Corps

Conkers BFD

Donkey Kong 64

No Mercy

Mario Party

Wave Race 64

ISS 64

Ocarina of Time ( no MP but....who cares)

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Wow, thanks guys!!

Seems 007 is something I GOT to get! I will also keep my eye open for Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros!! :D

I wish I could by them all.. :(

I also heard I can't play Perfect Dark unless I own an Expasion Pak. Does anyone know if this is true?

~ tomatosz

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Nah perfect dark is the shit, but golden eye beats the crap out of everything.

Destructible environments (even though chairs spawn fire explosions) location damage, beeing able to sneak on the AI, one zillion of cool idle animations, great music...damn I want my n64 :(

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