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Any Half-Life 1 modellers/animators left? SvenCo-op in need.


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Need something good to put on your resume? Or just want to help a modding team in need?

You might want to take a look at SvenCo-op, ranked as the 4th most popular free game on Steam.

The SvenCo-op team is in desperate need for team members to help them finish version 3.5 for Half-Life 1. A lack of modellers and animators has been stalling the progress of the release. Once 3.5 is finished you can continue to work on the Source version of SvenCo-op.

As I am only a semi-team member, I am not sure what tasks you will be doing, but I figured this would help the situation.

If you have any interest in helping out, send an email to sniper@svencoop.com along with a few samples of work you've done.

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