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Darsana standalone Medieval FPS / RPG Game recruiting

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Darsana is a medieval stand alone FPS / RPG mainly for multiplayer play. The game in it's future state will be a blend of fast paced FPS with several game modes and heavy weaponry to choose from. But also blended in with strategic choice of enchantments, magic, experience leveling up, potions, armor durability, and other features reminiscent of an RPG.

Using the Darkplaces engine, Darsana will feature rich texture sets, including normal, bump, specular, and glow maps depending on whats most aesthetically pleasing. Using Quake 3 based maps, map designers have free reign to take advantage of Quake 3's patch mesh abilities for terrain and importing the libraries of vegetation and other medieval props to be made into game with relative ease, and create a dark, gritty, Gothic medieval atmosphere.

In Darsana there will be two seperate forces, the Knights, and the Undead. Both will have 3 classes to choose from:




Each class has their own items selection and can pick any one option from the categories of:


Long range




With this you can choose your global added attributes through enchantments, such as Haste to move quicker or Corpse Leech to regenerate Mana around the dead. With magic depending on your class it can be all the way from offensive magic, to healing properties, to monster spawning. Items you pick physical objects such as Bucklers, different types of arrows, and some Sorcerer items.

The game modes will be such things as Invasion, Siege, Kill the God, and Skull Tag. With an effective blend of FPS with RPG Darsana will be a massive undertaking and hopefully a unique game experience.

Visit us at Darsana Site

Darsana Audio Track







Currently looking for:

[*] Quake 3 Mapper

[*] Animator (preferably someone familiar with Halflife1 / Halflife2 model formats)

[*] Texture Artist / Menu / HUD designer

[*] 3d Texture Artist (Working with player model, medieval prefabs, and weapon textures)

All ingame shots are a major work in progress, and do not necessarily resemble the final product. We're working as hard as possible to make a beautiful, however exciting and fun game and rich environments, however with limited artists and just getting the ball rolling its tough to show what we project our plans to be. Please consider these shots early alpha, and support us on our endeavors

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Hey guys we just won editor's choice standalone game of the year over at moddb.com!

Was hoping we'd drum up some interest for next year's competition and make a really stellar game, however we need your help to get there of course. ;)

Please if you're interested in helping out email me at

rampaging [at] ru1337.com


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