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Gabe N diss PS3 - praises Wii


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Yeah, but that's a 2d game, and to me the proper way to use Wii's controls in a 2d game is by using the wiimote only, flip it 90° and use it as a normal pad.

A classic Half Life though would be cool. It'd actually be nice to see a whole range of classic old games make it to the Wii in a "Golden Games" collection of some kind

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Didn't HL2 get ported to the Xbox fairly successfully? If that 64mb wonder could handle it then the Wii should be able to, even if nowhere near as beautifully as a PC or a 360/PS3. Though I still think if you're after deeply cinematic gaming like Valve provide, you're better off with the number crunchers rather than the physical fun of the Wii.

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CPU IBM Broadway 729MHz

Internal Storage 512MB Flash Memory

GPU ATI Hollywood Supported Resolution up to 480p

Optical Disc Drive 8cm GameCube/12cm Wii

12cm Disc Capacity 4.7GB (single) / 8.5GB (dual)

lol :/

that doesnt say much

This does though:


* 88 MB main memory (24 MB "internal" 1T-SRAM integrated into graphics package, 64 MB "external" GDDR3 SDRAM)[46]

* 3 MB GPU texture memory

Its retarded low and you really notice that in the games..

I still love my wii though :)

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The way Rayman was made, the idea was more "Make it for the PS2, it'll fit on the Wii ok". That's how next gen our processes were :) Hell even Nintendo said it. it's all about the gaming experience, not the high res hardware.

If you look at Zelda, it's a GCN game.

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