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Insects Infestation Released


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I'm not part of the team, but i tought i would post this here:

It’s been two years of production so far, and it’s finally time to open up the doors for public testing. So get in there, spit some acid, build some mushrooms and bite some heads!

Being an alpha version means there’s still plenty of development to be done. We hope there’s enough here to show you how much potential the mod has, and we hope you join our forum community to help make it the best mod it can possibly be.

See you on the servers!

Btw this mod was made by two guys! I think its a nice punch in the face for those giant projects that are never finished.

More info here:


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Erm.. I know reeke, which is one of the active team members and he did all the maps, textures, models, skins, basically all the content you see in the game. Its hard to say the oposite since just by playing you can recognise is unique mapping and texture style.

I assume that the other guy (mod leader) did all the coding part. I don't know what those contributors did, but aparentelly not much...

But what its important here is the mod :P

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