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Dec 2006 NPD Video game results in US


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So today NPD released it's estimated sales results for the month of December 2006 in the North American market. (Covers sales from Nov 26 thru Dec 30)

Anyone care to guess the year to date sales of Gears of War in the US? (meaning total N.A. sales from it's Launch on Nov 7 thru Dec 30)

- Hint: it's almost on a Halo or Halo 2 pace.

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Now, when you say "approaching," how close is said approach? I mean, didn't Halo 2 pretty quickly hit the 5 million mark?

I remember Gears hitting 2 million pretty quickly; in the time since that I'll wager 2.5-3.5 million?

I'm talking about North American sales, not world wide. As for approaching Halo...my bad. I meant to say that after 2 months, it is doing in the same ballpark as Halo (and Halo 2) did after about 2 months.

So after 2 months, the original Halo sold about 800k units in North America (which was awsome considering it was the first 2 months of Xbox ever)

Halo 2 sold about 4.2 milliion units (between regular and Limited Ed) after its first 2 months in North America.

Gears of War, after 2 months has sold 1.8 million units in North Ameica (1.57 for the regular edition, 230k for the Collector Ed)

As for PS3, hardware in NA rebounded to about 490k units sold in Dec. Cumulative sales for the software isn't too high...the best being Resistance:Fall of Man at under 250k units.

Wii software is actually not that different except for Wii Zelda which by now is around 1million units.

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