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Here's a (brag) thread to show off and talk about the cool stuff you recently bought..

I just got myself:


-dr. Lektroluv - Live at extrema outdoor 2006



-Blade runner director's cut


-Hard Boiled


-Toejam & Earl (wii VC)

oh and also a philips senseo coffee machine :). I love this machine!!

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Aye, strangely enough Brazil is fairly underrated it seems. I really like it (Got it on DVD too), although you definitely need to be in a very special mood to fully appreciate it.

Haven't really bought anything recently (newest thing I've got is the Wii), so I've got nothing to brag about. Gonna get Lost Planet and Wario Ware Smooth Moves tomorrow or on Friday though, should be nice.

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- Stanley Kubrick collection (including Lolita, Barry Lyndon, The Shining, Full Metal Jacket, A Clockwork Orange and Eyes Wide Shut)

- The Untouchables

- Jarhead

- Schindler's List

- Godfater trilogy

- a few others (can't remember from the top of my head)


Eminem: The Re-up (dunno, just felt like buying it when I saw it in the shop, didn't quite know what to expect)

Also bought a really cool metal/silver plate from Duvel :D

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