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I just started a mapping competition over at HL2World and I want as much competition as possible, so join in.

http://www.hl2world.com/bbs/limited-res ... 46917.html

Limited Resources - Competition #1

Yeah, we have done a couple of these, and only a few have succeeded, but I dont give a fuck, we are going to do another one, and this time there will be limitations to what you can do so that we can keep it nice and simple.

The object of the competition is to create the most realistic and beautiful Hammer created scene as possible. But there's a catch, you can only use one, thats right, one light as the entire illumination for the whole scene.


-There can only be one "light" entity per scene.

-The light may have any setting modifications (Constant, brightness, color)

-No light_enviroments

-No Light_spot's

-No custom content, only CSS and HL2 content is allowed.

-No limit to amount of brushwork or lightblock brushwork

-Lightmap 1 recommended

-Be creative and lets see the lighting masters excel 8)

-When posting the final submission, you must include the VMF and BSP along with the posted screenshot, or else your screenshot will be void in the final choosing of the winners.

I am willing to put up some money for the competition winner, along with some other free prizes for those who didnt get first place.

The deadline will be around a month from now, so get mapping.

Post over at HL2World if you are going to enter.

All submissions should go in the thread over at HL2World, email me if you have questions.

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