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What exactly is GameFlood?

GameFlood is the place to find and publish the best new playable content for your favorite games. We are a bridge between gamers and developers. Gamers can find new mods, mashups, characters, weapons, and maps to bring something new and interesting to their favorite game titles. Developers work better with our the powerful Workshop project collaboration system and publish their content through GameFlood directly into the game. Both can get new content into their games with our GameFlood Download Manager which downloads and installs everything without all the hassle. Just click play and you're in the game.

How does GameFlood work?

Have you ever tried installing a mod for your favorite PC game? The process of manually placing files in the required directory’s can be tedious and consuming. We have streamlined this process so making it as easy as clicking ‘Play.’ GameFlood grabs the necessary files for the maps, weapons, and characters included in the mashup and places all the files in the required folders. All you have to do is press Play, we handle it from there.

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there is already a site that has even better content than they have: lanmaniax.com pimps out the best maps you can get. reading an installation guide from the readme isnt complicated and even though: all archives are with folder structure (didnt see a map release where i had to manually sort in the files for over 5 years)


gameflood is yet another platform noone will use because there is no need for it. and maybe a small addition: custom content isnt popular at all (just look for good spotlighted maps. maybe you can find 1 (empty/bot filled)server)

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