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zune - renders

General Vivi

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It looks too plastic i think.

I've never touched a Zune in my life, but i think it needs more reflex ( like those ones you see on iPod pictures ), especially on the screen, because it seems to be just a texture with "Zune" logo.

But overall, its a nice render ;)


Now i saw the scanlines on the screen :D


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either make it proper highpoly or just dont render it at all.. not worth the time.

I do feel this way also but i didn't want to redo the entire thing . i just wanted to play around with renders really . I realized that i didn't include as many segments as i should have tho which ultimately was my downfall!

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what details are you talking about exactly? i didn't see any in the references i used. but maybe you know something i dont :?

well ive seen one outside pictures if that's what you mean. for one, it's matte, get rid of all of that shine. secondly, those buttons are flat against the body, not rounded beads. the way the thing is amde is that there is the main body, and then the entire thing is like, housed in clear semi frosted plastic

you can kind of see it here:


also, there is an off color pinstripe around the sides of the player

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