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Insurgency Recruitment


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Now that Insurgency is in final development before the first public release, we are seeking dedicated, hard working individuals that possess a keen interest in the concept of the project; who are able to work at a rapid pace. If you feel that you meet these requirements, and find Insurgency compelling, please contact me. Insurgency is a free total conversation of the game Half-Life 2, so obviously we can't offer you any money.

The team behind Insurgency is by all means a professional and respected team within the modding community. If you are interested in working on a team where you can not only gain a good opportunity to improve your portfolio and work with a wonderful team on a highly anticipated project, but also be watched closely by professionals in the industry, do not hesitate to contact recruitment at fmpone@yahoo.com

Insurgency is currently recruiting:

- Webdesigner

- Prop modellers

- Texture artists and/or HUD artists

- Level designers (Croatia campaign)

Thank you!

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Highly professional indeed :-D

Holy owned :D

is it possible to get to know some of the possible props, that need to be modelled ?

is it lots of smaller stuff, or really complex stuff like highdetailled vehicles and whatnot ? :o

what kind of props are we talking about here :)

Vehicles are a rarity. Most of the time it'll probably be medium sized things, imagine furniture or architectural features etc. Most of our mappers can model so you'd probably be doing fairly detailed props but at the same time nothing unreasonable or silly.

Croatia, a...

I went there last year, I took some nice texture references. Maybe I can help out on that map?

Oh by all means! We're in need of talented texture artists :)

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