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I kind of like the first one, the colors and all, but you dont display the product clear enough i think. Same with the second one, it kind of drowns in there and no really chance to read the brand and stuff. I love the third one, clear crisp, you see what it is and what brand. Good job!

[edit] Im thinking i might be wrong about the first pic. Tou can clearly see it is No1 Vodka and Prodused in Sweden. I might change my mind, first or last pic is best.[/edit]

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Thanks everyone!


That scene was a pain shooting, the camera simply couldn't register the wine bottles no matter what I tried. When displayed on the site, the picture is going to be smaller and therefore you will not see the noise anymore. I haven't decided if you are right about the third pic yet :D

Anyways, here is the website layout I'm working on:


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