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Post your favorite amiga game back in time


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i had no amiga :( first computer was an apple II with crazy games. a super mario clone (this super mario where king kong was holding a princess and her threw barrels down some ramps while you had to get upstairs.)

then someday we got an ibm pc 486 :D with 4MB RAM. once we bought a CD-ROM device with 4x speed but the game "bleifuss" needed 8Mb RAm. so i had to upgrade. :D all in wonderfull VGA grapics :DDDDD

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Best Amiga game for me has to be:



Ignore the fact that it's the Spectrum box. I still have my old Amiga copy stored deep in the vaults, but I can't be bothered finding and scanning it.

A close runner-up would be:



Still got that fucker lying around in the vaults too. :D

Really though, the Amiga had loads of classic games. Provided me with a superb childhood. :cool:

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Tis funny, I've been thinking back on the early 90's PC/Console games a lot lately, looking up on old games that I played back then and how strongly they've influenced me.

Never had an Amiga though, would've loved to have one back then though.

Oh and Magic Pockets was fckn amazing, the 3rd world (Think it was the third one, with lots of water and like dirt n shit) has made me wanna do a map that captures that style for ages now. Brilliant game, strangely enough not as well known as I thought it was.

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Dune 2, Moonstone, Cannonfodder, it's hard to pick just one. It's also hard to remember the names of some of them, seeing that I didn't really know all that much english back then (I knew 'Options' meant that you could change stuff, although the following submenu made no sense at all)

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