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Hi everybody!

Map Name: de_secretcamp

- Autor: chris

- Supporters: Metabo and the Meatfactory Community

- Status: final

- Finishing: 20. Dezember 2006

- Spawn Points: 40

- Nav-File and Overview are included

- Credits:

i have to thank Illikid for the ported militiary models from desert combat and american army

- Story :

War has broken out! A small secret camp of the armed forces is targeted

to be attacked. Intelligence found out about the terrorists' plans and troops

are prepared to defend their outpost. Only luck will decide who is going to








http://downloads.meatfactory.net/files/ ... mp.bsp.bz2

have fun with it!


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nice map. like the feeling in it.. but are somethings i would change. like breakable glass. maybe some more cover some of the rushing zones..

"can be me.. kinda slow to buy after valves DNP update.. W00t 6900$ for a colt?"

but overall nice map :)

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I was about to say that it looked like yet another of those decent made but still incredible boring and dull looking maps that gets released these days. You others seem to like it though, so it's probably just me...

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My review:

The map itself is REALLY well thought out. It will do awesome on pub servers. The film projection room with parts of the map under survielance was a brilliant idea.

The one thing that irked me was the lack of breakable windows and how drab the color scheme was. It sure could have used more detail "stuff" here and there.

The overview is very clear and well drawn.

I'd give it a 8/10!

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