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Max players: 64

My new creation began first as a small scene and ended as a complete defuse map. First I just wanted to make a small scene to have in a future portfolio, but I got some wishes to make a "real" map. It triggered me to start think about what I could do with my scene. After some work on a layout I decided to create a defuse map. Now, 2 months later, the map is finished.











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The first few pictures were awesome!

But then it got less and less polished the further down I got. I also had this feeling that it lacked the 3d skybox or something.. maybe add some fog perhaps? (very subtle)

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I had a hard time keeping it detailed without decreasing fps. The open streets make it hard to optimize. But you are right, I probably could have added more details in some areas.

The most important though isnt the visual, it is the gameplay. I hope de_streetwalk will be fun to play. Atleast I enjoyed playing it, even with bots. :)

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