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HLDM - Tangled


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Dear MapCore,

After half a week of level designing, and half a week of play tests, it's done!

Tangled is a small Half-Life Deathmatch map, yet very entertaining.

The gameplay flows pretty good, and the r_speeds overall are very easy on older computers. 2-8 players are suggested, although it plays very cool with 9 players too. (I've tried.) :D

You can download the map from my webspace...






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I can't argue with that. Although i mainly follow the rule, that the enviroment should derive from the gameplay. The cliffs look fairly good for having such low r_speeds. My previous, more detailed rocks gave lag-bumps at certain corners.

I indeed built the map with a sort of Crossfire / Boot_Camp twitch in it. :)

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no, seriously, heres whats mainly wrong with ur cliffs;

at the top of them, it looks like they are excactly straight, like a horizontal line has just cut the cliffs off straight up there...

Making the top of it just go down and up again a few times wont increase ur r_speeds that much...

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How do you mean "90% of the people here will give your map a 10/10"?

As in, my map is very very good and / or everyone here just likes everything?

Anyways, i'm doing the final compile now. I fixed...

- Cliffs have now more depth

- Lights are brighter / better

- Door and window frames

I also changed the name to "Norad", don't ask why. Although its very rare that i change the name of a map, but since i'm (right now) doing the final compile, i thought it would be good. :wink:

Prepare for the latest and last version of Tangled a.k.a Norad very soon, together with high quality screenshots.

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Minotauro, thanks for the tip, i didn't know that yet. :)

It made the lights come out very good, although all the rest ended up really really dark. So i'm going to keep it for a next map.

Anyways, here's the final version.








I'm very happy with the way it turned out. :)

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