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Need website design...yes I have a budget.


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Okay people...

I need to make a website for my gaming consulting business. In the year it has really grown and it is time I get a formal web presence. I have a domain already so I just need the design work. I have access to a lot of web design people, but I want to make sure my site reflects that I know the gaming audience well and a strong sense of visual design in addition to content...hence I am looking for a good person from Mapcore or a recommendation. Essentially my services are:

- Creative Design Consulting (gameplay, trailers, media/advertising for games)

- Product Accessibility Assessment (is your game a good product? how can we make it a better product?)

- NPD Data analysis and reporting

- General Video Game industry strategy and consulting

The content will be mostly text, but I want to be able to maintain much of it on my own with simple php tools and whatever is appropriate. I will probably want a blog section as well. I will also need help with a good logo design that can on both the website and a business card.

Finally, there is potential to get to design a second website for my other business I'm launching that will require a similar style site but totally different content, logo etc.

Serious responses and referrals only. Thanks for your support!

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sounds like a big project. maybe you should consider hiring a small team to work out this website. first at all you would need a clearer concept. what will a user do with this website? only read? or is a visitor an actor to? such questions should be answered.

in generel it sounds like an interesting website to make, but sadly i have not that much time to spend :(

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At this point it's really just a simple content site that describes the kinds of services I provide...just about 95% read only. I may have a "contact me" form but it's really a simple site that just needs a nice sense of design, nothing to complex.

I can share details of content one on one but as I said, it's a simple site and shouldn't be too hard for a competent web designer to build.

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Well, i've done several layouts for companies since i've been working in an advertising agency for few months and been studying that stuff. I've pretty much done just the graphic side of it, not html or any kinda php stuff because.. well, i'm too stupid.

If you only want someone to do the graphical side of it, i might just try if my work is impressive enough. I'm horribly busy atm tho. I might even go to army just in 3 weeks so i really couldn't even promise anything. I can pm you few screenshots or urls to the sites i've done if you're interested. I work pretty fast when it's about designing a webpage.

If you're looking for someone to create you the whole package with html, css and everything that stuff, it wont be me :|

I anyway consider myself still as an amateur so probably i'm not the guy you're looking for. PM if interested.

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That's actually pretty catchy, Skjalg. As for the website, I'm fully capable but I'd only be willing to do the visual side of things as I hate coding. I'm also willing to work for a very, very cheap price (read: %90 less than most). I'm afraid I do not have any examples on hand as I'm currently in the process of getting my personal portfolio back up, but I'll draw up various sketches and forward them your way. If you like them, perhaps Skjalg and I could team up. However, before any sketches are made, I ask of you what subpages do you need? Just general information, or...? Also, you can contact me via e-mail at markusdekeyser[at]gmail[dot]com. I promise not to disappoint.

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