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Games and Windows Vista


What would the greatest problem be?  

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  1. 1. What would the greatest problem be?

    • Performance for gamers.
    • Programs not running because of the scarse compatibillity.
    • Driverissues.
    • The new layout and user envoirement.

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Hi there,

Just wondering: has anyone of you tested Windows Vista yet? What is your experience with performance, functionallity and other elements of importance? Would you recommend Vista to other people?

I am concidering getting myself a copy of Vista but I'm not sure wether or not it's worth it. I'm talking about the Ultimate Edition. I have a laptop with a 64bit Turion CPU (1,6 Ghz), 640 Mb ram and an onboard Ati Radeon XPRESS 200M and enough HDD space.

I ran a compatibillity test and it said I could run Vista without any issues but I dont want to wait 45 seconds for a start menu to load... Also, I heard that Vista has programs that increase the performance and that help keep the batterylife high (hybrid HDD)? Anyone knows if these programs are any good?

And how much trouble will people get in with program and driver compatibillity? Is this still a huge issue?


~ tomato

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Ok, I bought me a copy and I installed it. These are the things I encountered:

- Really beautiful layout;

- User envoirement is pretty new and for me (and probably most used-to/advanced users) rather unpractical;

- Performance on my system has little loss in comparison to all new features;

- Steam runs, but the HL1 engine can ONLY run in software mode, wich sucks;

- Firefox still paWns IE 7;

- Some minor programissues, none worth mentioning yet;

- Driverissue: Steam won't run HL1 and mods in OpenGL, wich is really frustrating.

So, my experience untill now is better then I expected. I can imagine Vista's interface being superior over XP's if A) you have a good system, and B) you get used to the new interface. It's a ll very stylistic and I like that. Functionallity is something that sometimes has to suffer from beauty and thats what I think is a waste.

Not sure if I'm going back to XP. I think I'll give Vista a chance..

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It's hardley as cool as a Mac. But it's better than XP. By the looks.

I've heard lots of negative things about performans issues in different Norwegian tests and such.

Yeah, I think it's way more stylistic then XP (wich I really dig). I havent really tested the performance as of yet, but all I can say is that, on the surface, it's less of a performance loss then I expected it to be.

I do think that with the developement of newer systems, Vista will turn out to be a more wanted OS then XP. But then again, a housemate of mine, who studied ICT (a computerscience studie) always preferred older OS for their performance and their simplicity. I have taken over that habit so I'm still really not sure wether to keep Vista or not..

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