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Post pics of where you sit all day


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I practically live at troika at this point, so I show you pics of where I park my ass 14 hours out of the day.

mmm, dual 20 inch lcds~~~~~


and the lord gaveth unto him, a 60 dollar "leather" chair from offith depoeth.


Here's where my cellmate sits and cusses and flicks his knife in and out all day while he drinks scotch.


Here is where we mostly watch movies while we work, or play a game every once in awhile


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hehe neat, too bad i still havent gotten another screen, i guess ill have to wait until i get promoted ;(~

anyway, nice setup, i shud take a pic from my desk (wiff mai gardengnome!)

btw, is that alienbrain i see running? ;D

no, it's source safe

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Yeah right, where I work I use a 233mhz machine that groans like it's going to explode when I turn it on, I have to restart it like 5 times and it's very unnerving since the last computer I had that did that died, but not before sending sparks flying out of the fan vent and setting my friends stack of paper on fire. And don't get me started on the work.

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