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German minister wants to imprison gamers??


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yes and it is teh shit within - i remember one of the crytek managers already said they would leave germany if this one is gonna happen.

Though: the story is not entirely true: this minister is not from germany - he's bavarian :P

I don't think this is gonna happen because they would have to throw half of my school into jail - and half of germany as well - if you can trust steam, germany one of the worlds biggest gaming markets for "killer games".

A nice addition to this story might be http://parabellum.xg1.net//forum/showth ... 9e58d&t=34 ^^

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the parabellum story is intense and funny at the same time ...

i bet every unknown/unsuccessful politician wakes up every morning and preys to god for another massacre somewhere because its gonna be the only way how they can make a career ^^

btw can someone please get me out of here ???

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I always do wonder what these guys smoke. Do they ever stop to ask themselves about the figures relating to amount of game sales versus amount of murders (dubiously) attributed to video games? More to the point, how many rulings have been made in the courts that show concrete proof of video games causing murders? I can't think of one. How many spurious, flimsy court actions regarding video games (mostly brought about or represented by the venerable Jack Thompson...) have been thrown out of court? Plenty.

99.9% of it is media or politician induced. It used to be Ozzy's fault, then it was video nasties and now it's video games. They'll find some other easy target to blame soon enough, no doubt. I always get a chuckle out of the average media commentator's hysterical ramblings about doom being a "murder simulator" that trains people to kill. I hope Billy learns that he can look up and down when aiming a gun in the real world!

In reality, the fact is that many parents aren't bringing up their children properly and it's a much deeper rooted problem than some impressionable kid being taught to kill stuff by video games. Adolescent males have watched violent films and played violent games (not necessarily video games) since.. forever. Cowboys and Indians, British Bulldogs, wrestling etc. etc. I hate to quote Eminem lyrics to make a point but he's right when he points out the absolute hypocrisy displayed when dealing with different types of media:

“And last week, I seen a Schwarzenegger movie

where he's shootin all sorts of these motherfuckers with a uzi

I see three little kids, up in the front row,

screamin' "Go," with their 17-year-old Uncle

I'm like, "Guidance - ain't they got the same moms and dads

who got mad when I asked if they liked violence?"

When the suits in the media and the parents cannot relate to something new and shocking, it soon becomes all too easy to blame.

Can violent video games have negative effects on people who are either too young to understand or have mental deficiencies? Probably, but if that is the case then:

A: They will likely find 'inspiration' from other sources. People didn't start murdering just because new forms of media came into being.

B: The parents of these people should know their children's problems and actively monitor what they're doing.

On a different note, my mother has been a special needs teacher for two decades and many of the people she has taught have been abused (physically and mentally) or have huge behavioural problems for other reasons. Some of these pupils are just totally unhinged to the point where it is just a matter of time before they offend seriously. It's either down to the environment they're brought up in or severe mental problems. Occasionally my mum will open the local newspaper and spot an ex-pupil in a story regarding a serious assault or worse. It's very sad, but that's the reality of the situation. If someone plays video games and does something shocking, it's all too easy to blame the game, whereas video games are on the periphery of the reasons for committing these crimes. Do they honestly believe that someone wants to kill because of some pixels moving around on a tv screen and, more to the point, do they also believe that had that person not played video games they wouldn't be at risk of committing similar crimes?

I always end up scratching my head. To this date there has been no concrete link proven between games and violent behaviour. Try telling the media that.

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its just stupid politics with more stupid populist behavior.

Haha, i guess that's the same everywhere, here in france they don't stop speaking about violences in football on tv, before that it was the immigrants who are taking our jobs, should we make the teachers working 35 hours at school each week like every worker in a company, let's send the juvenile delinquents at the army ... and a whole lot more

guess what, the presidential elections are in a few months ..

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You should all move west to the netherlands, anythings possible there :)

Some politicans are retarded, why do people always try to fix complex issues with simple solutions...Im just waiting for the first politican who will argument that hitler started ww2 because he had a computer game in his office and thus computer games are bad!!!!111

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There's this game "Blitzkrieg" and I am 100% sure that not the game "Blitzkrieg" is named and designed after the historical Blitzkrieg planned by Hitler but Hitler PLAYED "Blitzkrieg" with a MONSTER-PC the EVIL ALLIES gave him with the TIME MACHINE built and designed by A. EINSTEIN!

OK btt:

I just wrote in another forum another way of demonstrating: IF beckstein can get his new censorship running in whole germany all of us germans should report ourselves to the police for playing video/pc games. i think 10.000 players per police station will do the job to shut down the whole system ^^

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