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Old asylum


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that looks very nice! it's a shame, though, that you've made it in somewhat dissrepair. Why not make it cared for? you could add artistic depth with crawling ivy, windowboxes, or other things of beauty, rather than dissintegration and decay.

you'll probably want some railings on the stairs either way.

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Do both, they can both look good, however I would use a different set of textures for the cleaner version. And either way, you should add some variety in those stairs steps textures. Well more like an X offset

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Broken down and old is much better.

not necesarily better, but definitely the trend right now.

i would also say it's probably easier to make a scene look more interesting as broken down and old, than to make it clean and beautiful. you just have to choose your subject a bit more carefully. it's easy to make an old house look great by chopping up the floors and peeling the wallpaper away, but much harder to add molding around all the doors and walls, give the windows lattice, and keep the lighting interesting and varried.

i dunno. i can't even think of how to make a beautiful place as varried and interesting because I havn't done it as much, and almost no one does it, so i have little point of reference. someone help me out :?

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