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DOM Horean


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Actually, its not really released yet, and wont be for another two weeks, but since I dont think anyone here has UT1 installed and since the visuals are already finished its not exactly WIP either :)

I made a new level. DOM(ination) Horean and its for the original Unreal Tournament of 99. This level runs on an engine finalized in 98! Its pure BSP power and its pretty low poly but it does uses high res textures making it look sharper than the original UT.

I did absolutely 100 percent everything. Including all textures (HourPitores tex pack).

The level was made purely for oldskool fun.

The point was to show the power of vertical alignment in architecture and making something gothic, big, powerfull, impressive and mighty.


http://www.gamedesign.be/Hourences/work ... horean.htm





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looks really fine, like one would expect from you, but how about the layout? whenever I hear the words, oldskool, fun and ut in one sentence i get all thrilled! :D

note to self:

- get myself a copy of ut again.. (how did i lose the first one anyway?)

- get myself a tiny lanparty wif 2 of my friends to play ut till we fall asleep

so, all in all, the screenshots look pretty hot. keep up this good work. :)

p.s. the sharpness in the textures really shows off! great work! :D

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Yes it matches my site, was intented :)

It has 3 main halls and several smaller ones and other kind of corridors in between. Regular level layout, difference is, this one simply has very high ceilings.

Two of the controlpoints float in the air and can only be reached by a jumppad, making you vunerable in the air if you take the jump. Third CP has a giant crusher above it, if you dont move over the point quick enough youll be squished.

Besides that the gameplay isnt too special. Standard stuff but it works.

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