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haha ok, it was a joke, but I felt like showing that model somewhere. I think I'm slowly getting the hang of the tools in 3dsmax for modeling simple objects. I just need some more practice, if I come up with something new I'll post it here...

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when im not modeling for my professional modeling company i usually practice/warmup by making cubes of different dimensions. if i feel like truly displaying my skill, ill move up to cylinder or something spherical. its ok if you cant do this at first, it comes with repetition.

(btw they make plugins for noobies like yourself that cant get the hang of it, google it)

*edit: i love frie so i couldnt leave this post alone and make it look like i was trying to bash him. take me to your chambers you master of the polygon.

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very nice Frie, Ive recently started learning the 3dsmax too, probably for the same reason as you...

I need my own low-poly models in my maps.

I've taken some of the tutorials that comes with 3dsmax, but i still cant figure out how to... like... MAKE good models, vertex editing etc... (I liked Milkshape)

Could you tell me what you did to learn that which you now know?

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I did some of the tutorials which come with 3dsmax 5.0 some time ago, but the problem with these tutorials is, that the objects are rather complex and instead of building simple objects with simple tools first, then advancing to more difficult objects by using advanced tools you get confronted with all that stuff in one tutorial, you follow each step and afterwards you've built a pretty looking model but cannot build stuff on your own without a guideline.

At least that is how I felt when I did those tutorials, they might work out for other people just fine, I don't know...

I even tried 3dbuzz.com a while ago, downloading their videos about 3dsmax. The Problem is, that after watching the videos about the very basic stuff, you'll need to get in a course. You have to do assignments in writing about certain topics as well as model various scenes, hand them in, they get reviewed, when you pass you get access to more videos and so on...the written assignments wasn't really my thing so I lost interest without really trying. If you want to invest lots of time this might be your thing.

I prefer getting more familiar with the basic tools I already know and learn by practising. I'll prolly also look for other small tutorials in the web and try to expand my horizon.

This is actually something I do to knock down the hours in my spare time (I'm a little bored lately), I'll see if this attempt to gain some modeling experience will succeed.

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ah, yea...

After a few hours of watching some 3dsmax movies and doing some tutorials, I think I maybe have figured this out...

To make a like, a computer screen, like you have there, you just create a box, right click it and choose the "Editable Mesh" thing, and then do all the vertex editing you want? :)

or is that a bad way to do it?

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