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Free PHP plugin for Visual Studio


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If I wanted yet another IDE, then I would not have asked for a free php plugin for visual studio. VS is my favorite IDE and the one I am the most familiar with, which is why I would prefer to do all my development there.

Are you looking just syntax highlighting or full intellisense support as well ? and which version of Visual Studio ? 2003 or 2005 ?

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As I said in my initial post then just some good syntax highlighting would be ok, but intellisense support would of course also be cool.

I have been running VS 2003 so far, but I am in the process of shifting over to VS 2005 Express. So a VS2005 express plugin is prefered.

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Ohh I was unaware of that:/ It is annoying enough that they had to split the express version up in a different application for each language. Sounds like that I maybe should stick to my 2003 edition then as I also want to use my plugins for LUA, etc.

Thanks Wacko, I am looking forward to it:)

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sadly, nothing that works with express :( I have read about people bounding the .php files to just use the html intellisense. if you really needed it you could make your own intellisense schema files, with out having to write your own language service for VS. Which I am surprised someone has not done already.

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