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IO Interactive recruiting Level Designers


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Over the next 3-6 months we at IO Interactive, creators of the Hitman games, will be looking for level designers (people who design levels and implement/script gameplay).

All level design is done in max, but it's only basic mockup we do, which does not require extensive knowledge of max. If you have any questions then you can post them in this thread or send me a pm.

In addition to level designers we are also recruiting for a few other positions, check jobs@ioi.dk to get the best treatment.

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Is it fundamental and indispensable to reside in Denmark?

I can design levels very healthy, stable and with the best greatest optimal

perfection and excellense.

I am enormously Interested to the employment and assigment.

Get in touch with me when it is presumably reasonable for.

This is a screenshow of my achievement and realization in level-design as a element sphere.

This is my map enterprise design projects for both half-life and the half-life 2 engine.



and this is the current up to the date project


Now what do you contemplate and conclude about this?


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Yes you need to relocate to somewhere around Copenhagen. There is a good bunch who live in Malmö though, so that is also possible if you prefer Sweden.

This thread however, is not the place to post what you can do. Neither is it the place for my conclusion regarding your level design skills...

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