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[Source] Model compiling never seems to 'work' - help please


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I cant for the life of me export, or build a working model file.

I am hoping that some one here can give me a one on one from export to ingame, or can compile the models for me?

I have 3ds max 7, and 8, with the SMD Exporter.

I have exported a refrence file from 3ds max, and am trying to compile it with the hl2 compile kit.

The compile seems to work, but when i load the model in HLMV it tells me 'invalid model'.

Any hints or tips please?

MSN - amckern@yahoo.com

Skype - amckern


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This is what I do, get yourself cannonfodders max smd import/export tools.

Make sure you smooth your ref and apply only a single smoothing group to your phys model (a different smoothing group to each seperate object of your phys model if you have more than one).

Export the ref, phys and idle smd's.

Write yourself a qc, here's an example of one of mine:

$modelname "rd_models/rd_shelves01.mdl" 

$body studio "rd_shelves01_ref" 

$cdmaterials "models/rd_models" 


$sequence idle "rd_shelves01_idle.smd" fps 5 ACT_IDLE 1 

$surfaceprop "wood" 

$collisionmodel "rd_shelves01_phys.smd" { 


$mass 1.0 

I had a batch file set up for me by a great guy (Andy) from the RnL team, basically it sets it up to compile using the HL2 directories (with the often buggy SDK I find this the most consistent way). It also sets a pause so if there's any problems I have time to check them out before the window closes. To make your batch file create a new text document, open it up and paste this into it:
"C:\PATH TO USERNAME FOLDER\sourcesdk\bin\studiomdl.exe" -game "C:\PATH TO USERNAME FOLDER\half-life 2\hl2" %1


Save the file as (I used) studiomdl.bat (make sure you add the .bat).

Now set up your qc, and drag/drop it onto the studiomdl.bat file (I keep my .smd, .qc and .bat files in the same folder).

The compile window will pop up, notifying you of any errors you may have,. And if successful will place your finished model files into the hl2/models folder (depending on your path in the qc)

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