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hay i was making this map a long time ago and it looked kewl (i got good response from the bg community on their mapping forums, anyways)

at that time i only had a small portion done, which looked like


since then, i've been working on it and shit, it's coming along nicely, r_speeds are OK (not the best tho) but in some spaces they just fucking jump to like 4000, and then back down to 1700-2100 if you turn like 30 degrees away. i'm not sure what it is.

so basically it'd be cool if somebody liek downloaded that shit and looked at it cuz this is fckn uber gay.


don't be fags :evil:

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it looks good i guess

i hate your treeline and how the transparent textures go straight into the floor right at the map boarder. break it up a little!!!

also a few of your transparent textures dont work (trees, gate)

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