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Twilight Princess

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I have the game and three remotes, but no console. My poor console is in the clutches of DHL and their "Next Day" Delivery, which turns out to be a crock of shit because it's been 3 days. I demand postal carriers deliver thinsg on weekends! Oh well, it should be on my doorstep monday morning so I can take it to the office and let coworkers drool over it.

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anyone else have it? seems pretty cool so far, cept im not very far at all. im stuck at the part where you have to catch a fish for the cat or something. if anyone has gotten past this part some pro tips would be super

did you get the fishing pole yet? In order to get the pole you have to get the lady's cradle, by throwing the hawk at the monkey on the far island. Once I got the pole I was having trouble fishing because they don't teach it at all, but I think I figured it out. Start out on the dock where the cat is. Look in the water and point toward some fish and cast out toward them. Now once it's in the water you can't see the hook itself (crap camera) but you might see a fish swim over toward it. You know he's nibbling on the hook when you see the lure bob down in the water, because he's swimming away with it. When you see that, you need to jerk the controller up sharply to set the hook in the fish's mouth. Then you can reel the sucker in (jerking the controller up several times to fight him seemed to work). You'll get a screen saying he's too small and to throw him back by pressing A. But if you press B (the trigger) you'll drop the fish and the cat will get him.

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Wii launch here in 3 weeks or so, so much for global launch ;).

Obviously Zelda is the obligatory game to get with it, no question about that. Just wondering what else I should get, now that Red Steel is in fact as shit as it looked.

Hmmm, Super Monkey Ball and Trauma Center :G~

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I'm still worried with how the picture comes out on an HDTV. Anybody able to ease my fears on this? Will it look as bad as other standard definition content does, such as my original Xbox or PS2 games? Or will running through component cables make it look acceptable?

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      Two new asset releases!

      First up is Basalt. Sadly I can't release all of the assets as some of the nature stuff is from Megascans and can't be redistributed. Also only includes the assets I've made.


      Second one is assets I've made for Pitstop. A small release that includes some road and concrete trim textures, a bunch of sponsors and some skybox buildings that might be useful.


      As always, free for non-commercial use with attribution. 
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