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aynone ever used an ambient_generic in counterstrike source?


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they turn mute on round restart

i already tried to make a trigger_once that was supposed to start all the ambient generics via a PLAYSOUND output ... didn't work i don't even know if trigger_once entities get reset on css round restart ?!

i tried a trigger multiple also didn't work and an auto logic with OnNewGame and on mapspawn nothing

anybody here managed to get a sound running in css that is actually plays at all times ?

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yesuurr nexuz did it and if uwant i tell ya the secret how to do it

1. make ambient generic

2. make logic auto

3. name ambient generic

4. go to output in logic auto and select the named ambient generic

5. > onmapspawn - via this input> - playsound -

6. now u got all u need

7. no u miss one thing

8. make another logic auto

9. make a copy of your ambient generics

10. output the second logic auto with the copies of ambient generics

11. trigger the ambient generics to play once only

12. u are done now

the thang is .. that when u starts in the map the first copies of ambient generics plays at once and next round the original plays like the first ones.... so.so.so.. this means first of the copies plays, then the real ones plays.. thats all.. not hard.. not basic.. not difficult.. follow the list exactly and u will get result.

if this wont work.. .. then.. then it wont work..

just dont forget to make the ambient generics set on loop so they loop..

I got a feling of deja vu.. I will try to explain this more correct and properly some later..

by the way I made a map allready and everything WORKS exzellent with the sound.

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5 water falls like 10 birds nests some wind and some flowing rivers

all together its 37 ambient_generics

11. trigger the ambient generics to play once only ( you mean to uncheck the "is looped" flag ??? and which ags do you talk about the originals form the first auto logic or the clones triggered by the cloned logic_auto ... and does it matter at all ?

i cant test it right now since iam compiling but i am already uber great full for your input dodger !!!

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I have just added sounds to my map, and am using a similar type of sound set up. The best way to do this is through soundscapes. You can get them to play once just by setting the delay time on them to be so long that you will only hear them once.

Really, I would say that using the ambient generic way to do this is the more difficult way to go, and will not produce as good an effect as soundscapes. With soundscapes you could have one global sound playing (like an ambient wind for example), and eight local sounds (like birds, gusts of wind, waterfall, river sounds etc), and all of their positions would be confined to whatever position you want.

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Yes, that sounds like a job for soundscapes. Make a soundscape definition .txt and then a copy of the cs:s soundscapes_manifest with your soundscape's name included there. Both will be bspzipped.

Ambient_generic should be reserved for sounds connected with some events in a map.

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