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Mare Nostrum

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Mare Nostrum is a modification for Red Orchestra OstFront 41-45 that concentrates on adding both new playable forces and many new specially designed custom maps to play in. Aiming to bring the most realistic and exciting experience of the battles of the deserts of North Africa up to the invasions of Sicily and Italy and the Allied 'Road to Rome'.

The mod will be released in two stages. Mare Nostrum: Afrikfeldzug will feature the North African battles and forces while Mare Nostrum: Campagna Italiana will include the Sicily and Italian locations. The full mod will include over 30 brand new weapons, with rifles such as the Italian Carcano 91 and the American M1 Garand. That’s not all we will also include over 10 new vehicles of various sizes including the nimble Italian Autoblinda 41 and the British Daimler AC Mk1 to the powerful American Wolverine M10.

All these features are going to be implemented in a historically accurate way, so you won’t find the Churchill MkII on a map set in 1945. We will aim to have over 10 new maps for you to play, almost the same number that came with Red Orchestra! We also include 4 new forces (British, Americans, Italians) as well as the Germans, each with their own accurate uniforms for each map.

Positions Open

We are currently looking for experienced members to fill positions on the team, especially in animation. All applicants will be considered :)

Poject Link


(Textured images on front page, WIP shots in our forum)

What Can we Offer You?

A position in the Mare Nostrum team will provide you with high profile exposure to not only the entire Red Orchestra community but the very large and vibrant Unreal community. We have had front page articles on the official Red Orchestra website along with many other mod and fansites.

As well as building your portfolio you will also develop your communication, organisational and team skills. Whilst this is just a hobby we take the task seriously and so member need to meet deadlines attend meetings and post regular updates on the forum.

Working within the team of very friendly people you will no doubt pick up invaluable knowledge that could help you secure a place within the industry. All employers will want to see you can be part of a successful team, which we are!

How to Apply

Simply go to our website and click ‘Help Wanted’! Alternatively you can contact me via email or msn at samcobley5@hotmail.com

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