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Quake 2 Remodel


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Heya everyone i'm working with quake 2 evolution and team blur to make some new quake 2 models.

the first model i'm remaking is that of the Gladiator in quake 2 (guy who shoots the rail gun).

unfortunetly, i can't upload pictures here so i have to link to their forums.

i ask for any critiques possible, i won't be insulted.

http://dynamic5.gamespy.com/%7Eblur/for ... eadid=2910

you might have to go to the last pages if you want to see my recent work or you can view it from its early stages onward.


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it looks much better now, just gotta work on what the face actually looks like..the eyes look huge, kinda like anime :) and the mouth..i spose the skin is streched over the front - maybe if ur gonna have it like that, you could have hooks stretching it out, maybe coming off some sorta brace at the back of the head and coming around the head..

how many polys so far?

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your face porportions and features are off, making the face seem very unrealistic.

yup, looks way too flappery atm, try rearranging the detail, some of it looks like it takes up way too much space compared to what it should look like~

btw hi :)~

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the high poly version is for a normal map not the regular model :) but anyways could you guys help me out on what exactly you see wrong, like i know the eyes are too big i need to fix but other than that, also keep in mind the face is being stretched on its sides thats why the cheeks look that way, the skin is also supposed to be dead and flabby.

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