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developing country problems vs ours


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Ok here's the deal: Come up with "Our vs Thiers" problems

I will start


-Dead pixels

- Battery in mobile almost empty

- The mp3 you downloaded was in bad quality

- Your xbox360 is to noisy

- Computer Virus


- Starving

- Genocide

- Deadly virus

- No healtcare

- No clean water

Ok I will leave some for you guys.

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- people not able to pay for normal education

- people starving on the streets

- poor-rich contrast gets bigger

- incredible depth with other states

- socialcare having not enough money and state not having enough money to give propper stupport

- not being able to get rid of all our poluting materials

- we consuming more and more

(really, i think we should start with ourselves before we get all into other countries. we may have had collonies there but those times are over and we should stop making them believe our way of life is superior..)


- us telling them they need stereo's and nike shoes

- us glorifying capitalism

- us being there

- us helping them when there's enough to fix at our homefront..

- us feeling superior over anyone

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