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SDK's and You


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Hey guys, I know everyone here has their favorite SDk, and they favorite program, but I am curious what your's is and why.

I have been a fan of hammer for 6-7 years now and love the program. It has it's shortfalls in no previewable lighting and the actual pipeline can be a pain in the ass.

I recently have picked up Unreal, I think it's pretty counter intuitive at first and I am not a fan of how you have to move around the view port. However it has some very strong points like concave brushes etc.

And very soon I will be venturing into the doom 3 engine. I hear it's got an easy pipeline and has a lot of good features we shall see :)

O and stay away from Panda3d I had to use it for a school project and I hate it :( makes me very sad.

So what do you use, and why?

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Hammer is not exactly a SDK, but rather a level design tool. After some weeks of Max work I am not as much against it as I once was, but I must still say that Hammer is the best when it comes to level design.

Considering how I feel about max after just a few weeks of work with it, it is quite possible that it will turn out to be my favorite level design tool in the future.

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unreal all the way baby =) hl is great too but not as good as unreal engine ( by a long shot )

here is how unreal is superior ...

no partioning problems

no compile errors

vising happens in real time and with better results

never any leaks

the negative brush technic is counter intuitive but 10 times faster once you understand it

real time lighting preview

real time shader preview

real time particle preview (hell editable partcile systems to begin with !!!! ... if your not a coder your scred with hl !!!!)

real time sound preview ( prehear :D )

you can also move around stuff in the 3d view better than in hammer !

more accuret vertex lighting on props

faster and less buggy all around

and inferior ...

the only grains of salt are no gi in unreals lightmaps

and unfortunately the best unreal engine based game wasn't as fun as the least fun half-life based game :D :D :D :D

EDIT what is MV ?????

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Cool, I really enjoy unreal, but that program is easy as shit to crash. Apprently Tom enjoys his UE3.... which I wish I could enjoy with him.. :(

Max is obviously really cool, but hella expensive compared to other products.

I love brushed based environment making, however it is extremly limited. Unreal is usually heavly dependent on static meshes, however they get some nice results.

I'm looking forward to learning UE3 to be honest. I mean who isn't?

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