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I didnt like it. I expected it to be more in our time but it ended up being 1930's - 50's. I guess if you like the cheesy Hollywood stuff its a good game. Also bugs such as when making a random movie sometimes the charatcters wont fit the scene, eg. the vampire scene, the woman was the warewolf character and the vampire ended up being some wierd black guy with an affro.. IMAO, also the manual creation dosnt have much control.

Stunts and effects made it a bit better though.

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I played through it two times in a row, totally loving it, and by the end of the second time it was totally depleted for me. Strangely enough it didnt leave much replay value for me since I felt like I had done everything I wanted to do after two times.

That said its still one of the most original and interesting strategy/sim games in the past couple of years.

Btw Dark, you obviously didn't play the game enough then. You can get up to our time and even 2050 (Although not much change beyound our present time in terms of advancements and such)

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Glad you like it guys :)

I was in charge of the scriptwriter scripts for it, whilst on a 6 week internship :) Having said that most people think its all randomly generated, due to the films produced being able to use different sexes, and a lot of the time, random costumes as well :(

Ah well, at least Im in the credits ;) (Gareth Thomas)

I have a groovy lill plaq with the game in and my name on too :D

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