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Yes, the reason it's not used widely is because the effect literally only works with headphones and is difficult to produce; on stereo speakers it'll just sound dodgy, and on surround sound it obviously becomes redundant.

When I read about it ages ago I recall it having something to do with them recording it by placing the microphone in the ear of a life-size human head model, and then they perform the sound around this model; somehow putting the microphone there makes it sound like genuine 3D sound when later played back through headphones.

The catch is that the effect only works its best when your head, ear spacing, etc is roughly the same as the model they created it with. So while it's really awesome, it's no replacement for genuine surround sound and it takes a lot of extra work to produce, and as far as I'm aware would be impossible to use dynamically (ie: in games).

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Wow that was awsome and kind of scary. Not as such as i got scared but a creepy feeling. When i read the posts and ppl talked about 5:1 and stuff i thought my headphones wont work but they did :) I guess i have to read up some about their specs. And yeah that would be awsome in game, you would know where you'r enemies are.

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