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Chernobyl - Interesting


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I don't know if you guys are interested in things like this, but I have been looking around for level reference when I stumbled across this.


This is a set of pictures taken in the city of Chernobyl after the obvious radiation problems. Apprently they do guided tours which is news to me. I'm not to big on radiation, however I must admit as an Urban Photography I'd love to go here and take some pictures.

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Yup, needless to say that there's something very haunting about it when looking at pictures from Chernobyl. You can basically outline what happend there and the sheer chaos that took place.

Also once again reminds me how well STALKER nails the look of the place

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Cool stuff. Has anyone ever seen the little documentary on chernobyl, done by a woman on a motorcycle? Very interesting stuff. Apparently if you stay on the pavement you get very little radiation, but as soon as you go on the soil it goes very high. She had a gieger counter on her to make sure she didn't get too much radiation. I'll try to find the link.

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I don't know why I am so fascinated with this place. Ever since I was taught about it I immidiatly started to research it. It's really amazing at how so many trees have grown and how prosperous.


This picture from 06 shows the plant life. It's pretty damn amazing. I'm really wanting to play STALKER cause it does seem like they hit the nail on the head.

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Yeah there are lots of guided tours into Chernobyl, you travel from Kiel or so. It's for 1 day, with a guide, you even prepare your own food inside of the Zone D: Costs about 400$ (I recall, might be less) for the tour, which is for 8 people or so. I posted an link about this some time ago, try to find it :D

Personally I'd love to go there.

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