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My car finally runs


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Probably only a handful of you know this about me, but I build cars. Well car technically, since this is the only one that has made it to some stage of completion. But anyhow, it runs kinda. "Runs" to the effect that the engine successfully turns and continues turning on its own via the internal combustion process. "Does not run" to the effect that the car goes nowhere. At the moment there is nothing connected to the transmission, and various other bits and pieces(like axles, wheels, and brakes) need to be installed still. But still, I'm excited, and though I'd share my excitement with you folk. And yes, I know the lighting is poor but I'm just working on the brushwork right now. Needs more props too. 8) :roll:

http://videos.streetfire.net/video/c435 ... 3966b6.htm

And a horrific backfire :oops: (not really, just a timing mishap)

http://videos.streetfire.net/video/32ba ... 3ce44f.htm

Some info on the car, it is a 1969 mustang with a 351 cleveland all built up by yours truly. C4 automatic 3 speed transmission built by Dynamic, torque converter by TCT. Shortened 9" rear end pushing MT ET Street Radials 325/50R15. Backhalved, triangulated 4-link. Custom built fuel cell, A1000pump, yadda yadda yadda. I'm fairly sure most of you don't know what I'm talking about and probably don't care to find out.

Basic engine specs:

Displacement(size): 358 cubic inches(5.8 Liter) V8

Single Precision 67mm turbocharger

Holley 750DP carburetor

Basically everything besides the body and a few pieces in the interior is all custom built by me. The entire frame, rear suspension, dash, seat mounts, roll cage, engine, various turbo bits(headers, downpipe, oiling etc), radiator mounts, all plumbing, all electrical, all fuel, everything was built by me with my own two hands. Its very rewarding.

Basically imagine a map/model/code whatever you do, that took you 4 years to create, finally start to show life. Like you've run your first compile after 4 years. Yeah. I'm very very happy right now.

Here is a pic of the engine bay:


/end mindless joy rant

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Needs a manual gearbox.

Once you start getting over 450, 500hp manuals start to become more work than fun. I'm not a big guy, pushing a heavy clutch all day isn't my idea of fun. And an auto is faster anyways :D

But I do love driving a manual, and believe me, I considered it long and hard. But after driving a car with a heavy clutch, I decided against it. If it makes any difference, the auto that I have in it is no longer 'automatic', it does not shift on its own. You have to move the shifter to tell it what gear to be in. But it still has no clutch.

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