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ESRB and a new Sears tv spot


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Tonight while watching Lost there was an ad for Sears. A kid who appears to be around 12 (he was clearly under 17) was talking about his favorite video games, mentioning Need For Speed Carbon or something, another innoculous game and then he mentions Halo and Halo 2 as being is other favorites. At the end of the spot they show an Xbox 360.

Now, I'm just curious if any pundit or games industry watchdog will comment on the fact that Sears is having a kid who's clearly under 17 talking about some of his favorite games being M-rated. With all the recent flubber about that in the U.S., why would Sears of all places have a 12 year old kid talking about M rated games? :shifty:

I'm not personally bothered, and there is a good chance no one will notice or care, but for an industry that is trying to stay self regulated, shouldn't we just avoid having retailers not navigate the ESRB minefield?

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