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de_jaguar - WIP!!! - WARNING, Image heavy!


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Hey all, thought it was about time I registered on mapcore. So I did! Here's some screenies from my wip cs:s map de_jaguar. It's set in some aztec style ruins built into the base of a mountain and is by no means complete and lighting + everything still needs sorting out bigtime, but feel free to post comments, critiques, suggestions.. Cheers! Oh.. and I have a problem with my cubemaps. Have tried rebuilding them, and deleting them and putting more in and whatever but still not sure what's up.

Enjoy! :D









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Definately a good start. Detailing out the walls and general map, I think will really add to teh atmosphere of the map. Overhangs, plants, bricks, etc.

Picture #3 is good up top, but the bottom needs more

#4 is good as well, but just the walls seem too flat and perfect

As you said, far from done, just giving some constructive criticism :-D Good start so far

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Picture #3 is good up top, but the bottom needs more

#4 is good as well, but just the walls seem too flat and perfect

Yeah Mojo, I agree with ya.. Been wondering what to do with them for ages, but think I've sorted it and I'm alot happier with the result.

Peri.. A colossus? maybe you can enlighten me :)

Warby, I dunno what's causing that but I've now turned off smoothing groups and it's sorted my cubemap probs. Take a look, see if you prefer the lighting on it now.



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BlackPanther, atm I'm just working on general build. Later will come detailing such as destruction of architecture and alot more map models. Without changing the textures completely I can't add a ton of overgrown-ness to it.

What do you mean by projectors? dig site stuff will be added when the rest of the models are but I don't wanna make the map feel messy with it. Thanks for the feedback anyhow :)

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Fair enough :)

Can we have a shot of the layout form a top down 90° view?

One thing i will suggest, no matter what the current deal is with the map, is to make it so it doesnt feel like your are making the ruins fit the layout, but rather make the paths and layout you want your players to follow fit the ruins.

That was my lil gripe about DE_Aztec. Although its a nice looking map with great flow, the map didnt feel like it was an actual aztec temple. Back in those days they didnt have counter-strike :P And they certainly didnt build their wonderful structures in the hopes someone would recreate em... you following me?

What i mean is, if you want the player to go from A to B, dont MAKE the path with the layout, Punch a hole through the layout to do it. If it would be faster to go through a wall, destroy that wall.

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Thanks for the reply BlackPanther. I totally agree and understand you completely :) I'm trying to vary the theme as much as I can and will definitely have some "through the walls" sorta architecture.

My biggest problem is that I'm rebuilding this level from a blockout layout that took me one evening and it's hard to deviate from a pre-built plan in your head.

Here's the requested layout shot. I'm trying my best to make sure both paths to the bombsites are pretty equally spaced out. one's quite straight forward. the other's a bit curvy. the dotted blue line is a path through the water/sewer area. As you can see from the pic, the top left section is where I haven't started re-building yet. :D


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the whole thing looks weird, like the T's will get to the bombspots earlier or at the same time as the CT's etc.

Well, the CT's start at A, so there's no problem there and B is just round the corner for them. It would be close in a rush but CT would still get there quicker. Bear in mind that I haven't built the T start bit properly so i'm trying to make their route to B a little longer than it currently is.

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